by Post Social

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released July 30, 2016

Recorded and mixed by PS at PS Home Studios in Madison, WI
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room in Milwaukee, WI



all rights reserved


Post Social Madison, Wisconsin

Cherish friendship in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold

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Track Name: Forester
when your hands are at a loss
the flame will read your thoughts
thinking about moving on just to have
a familiar line redrawn

thinking about moving on just to have
another crack at what was done
you never felt so good inside
you never felt like you begun

down by the burning flare
smoke in the forest air
how could you leave it there
smoke in the forest air

I think you should know by now what burns never returns
it's a consequence of nature that I guess you never learned
you didn't keep your fingers crossed

and the feeling's still lost
Track Name: Green Hornet
Sparks come flying
from up high on the roof
slowly focused
no denying the truth

Never in the mood
always enough time
nothing to improve
take it all in stride
never in the mood
always enough time
nothing to improve
time to go inside

Sparks come flying
from a backyard unknown
take a picture
from distance, safe at home
no one noticed
no one recognized
into focus
several things come to light
Track Name: Heat
In it for the first time and it
feels a little off to me
Nothing could stop this from coming
sweat stains on the floral sheets
Physically I feel fantastic
and mentally I feel the heat
Standing in the algae water
climate changing at my feet

Look at what we've done
look at what you've done to me
look at what we've sprung
look at what you've sprung on me
Track Name: Idlewild
It knows how you feel
it won't let you down
stays with you forever
just to stick around
idle is its mood
idle is its attitude
following all the rules
will always follow you

Check your christmas cards
I think you missed one
returned to sender
we know who it's from
Snowflakes are in bloom
mattress on the floor
I know nothing lasts forever
but I never asked for more
Track Name: Blume
Never was the same
you took it by the tongue and then you really changed
Did you have the heart
before you took a glance you never felt apart
Dancing in the dark
your feet just hit the pavement then you ran so far
Nothing was the same
you felt so insecure when you went out of range

Snowflakes in bloom
What's the matter with you?
is it a curse or defective tissue?
No one would know what to do with you
no one would know what you're really into
Winter is here
now it's starting to snow outside the window
Track Name: Eyes Closed
Eyes closed and rolling
back into your sockets
Just an old skull with bad luck
After we were dead we started living in the present tense

Is it dirt or mold?
on the shower curtain
would my parents care
if I left it there?
Every day
you try and hold off your decay
What's the matter with you anyway?
what are you holding out for?

Mirrors and smoke
appear comatose
won't hear you choke

Eyes closed and rolling
back into focus
Just an old skull with bad luck
After we were dead we started living in the present tense
Track Name: In the Shade
life is good in the shade
even as you walk away
it's all good
no complaints
come to terms with your fate
You could get hit by a train
you could end up in the drain
you could lose what you've obtained
and then nothing else remains

What do you want from me?

What I have is hardly enough
Track Name: Ugolino
There's nothing wrong
you just don't belong

He's in his toom outside the womb
the bride and groom won't feel his domb

There's something gone
where did it belong?
Track Name: Guac Bomb
Went back to where it was
eating guac in the April sun
walking round at the public park, no one else is here

so come on buddy, you got a career
you live in the suburbs, there's nothing to fear
and sleeping in bed is feeling alright
you finally know how to turn off the light
and feeling complacent feels so contrived,
you gotta relax man, you gotta survive
feeling complacent feels so contrived
you gotta relax, you gotta survive

stuck on the diving board
at the edge of the swimming pool
just do a cannonball
don't try the barrel roll
face to face:
at the donut stand, on a spending spree
it goes hand in hand with your memories
of a different man
and it's something you can't comprehend

taking your shots from impressive range
there are some things that will never change
take what you know for a second or two
what you think you know
defines everything you do